General information

Yes, you can. However, pets must remain on a leash at the campsite. Pets are allowed in some bungalows / studios. Before booking,
check in which accommodation pets are allowed.

Yes, you can buy a day ticket (check prices).

Direct access to the beach from the restaurant Arroceria and the campsite, small playground, modern sanitary facilities, washbasin /
laundry room with washing machine / chemical WC, dog shower, etc.

Yes, in low season and mid season, minimum 2 nights. For 1 night please ask at reception or by telephone for availability and price.
Depending on the season, 1 night may include an extra charge.
In high season, the minimum stay is 1 week, but if you call us or ask directly at reception, you may be able to arrange shorter stays
depending on availability. In high season you can always check availability by phone or at reception. Phone: +34 962 88 81 88

0 meter. We have direct access to the beach.

Yes, it is free of charge for our guests.

No, only in high season.

Yes, but there is no extra barbecue area. Inside the pitches and at the bungalows you can grill with charcoal, but never with firewood.


All bungalows and studios have a kitchen with crockery, refrigerator, gas, electricity, hot water, interior and exterior furniture. A toilet,
shower and washbasin are also included. Bed linen and towels can be rented for a reasonable price.

No. Only the entrance area will be cleaned. If you wish to clean the rooms, you can find out about the room cleaning fee at the reception

6 to 8 people in a large bungalow,
2 to 4 people in the studio,
4 to 6 people in the studio bungalow.
The number of persons in the rented accommodation may not be exceeded, i.e. in a 4-bed accommodation no 5 persons may be


The pitch itself is not paid for, it is free of charge. The costs of the pitch are calculated per day according to the following units:
Persons, children, tents, caravans, camper vans, tent trailers, electricity, extras (e.g. refrigerator), etc.
The sum of the units is multiplied by the number of overnight stays.
The sanitary facilities are shared and you have access to all the facilities of the campsite.

No, we have not set up any tents.

No, you pay for the pitch according to persons (and extras), as the pitch itself is free of charge.

Yes, if it is available. Please talk to the reception.

Each pitch can accommodate up to 6 to 8 people.

Yes, it is possible. Please call the following number: +34 962 888 188.